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A wacky, hilarious point-and-click adventure

Recently, point-and-click adventures have had a little bit of a renaissance, noticeably with Telltale Games' renewal of the Sam & Max series. Ben There, Dan That! is an indie adventure very much in the Sam and Max mold. It's simple to play, and driven by it's sense of humor.

The cartoon style of Ben There, Dan That! is not beautiful, but does the job, and has some nice animations in it along the way.The sound is pretty poor, so if it's a visually and aurally stunning game you want, this won't work for you. What it does have is lots of good puzzles to solve and an enormously well written script.

The humor is undeniably British, which may not be to everyone's tastes. There are also some jokes based around the point-and-click genre, which non-experienced gamers might not enjoy so much. However, for anyone who has been playing video games for a few years, Ben There, Dan That! offers a memorable and amusing journey.

The controls are really simple, with a series of commands like walk, pick up, talk and look, all available through right-clicking, and executed with left clicks. The solutions are not spoon fed, but all of the puzzles should be manageable for all players. Bear in mind that the humor is fairly adult.

It may not have hight production values, but Ben There, Dan That! is a charming and entertaining point and click adventure


  • Easy to pick up
  • Great humor
  • Free!


  • Very little sound


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Ben there, Dan that!


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